Being at the source for causing breakthrough results

by Max-Ferdinand Scheichenost, Director of Digital Transformation, Mekong Capital 17 July 2021 It is a Monday morning in early September ‘20. I am sitting with the management team of one MEF III investee company and experience a heavy cloud hanging over all of us. The management team had a tough couple of months behind

When what you know kills the power you need to deliver results

by Rachel Davis, Ph.D. Director of Transformation, Mekong Capital 12 June 2021   —– “I was already behind in my plan for attaining my story KPI. I had only completed three stories so far this year on a goal of eight”, I was drained, uninspired, discouraged, and frustrated. It hadn’t always been this way

Are you struggling with understanding what is E&S/Sustainability?

by Ngo Minh Khue, Sustainability Officer 31 March 2021 -----   You are not the only one. ----- You probably remember me from a recent (Environmental and Social) E&S audit, starting with a long email asking you to fill out a long list of questions and providing a bunch of supporting documents. Maybe you

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